Template Instructions – Please Read

1. Once you’ve installed the template, delete the home page. Use the home page template and article pages for your site.

2. Use the header templates that came with your package or you can make a custom one. The width for the header is 940 pixels wide. The height can be anything you want.

3. To add youtube videos to your site the short code to use is [ youtube:youtube video url]
(note: I had to place a space after the first bracket or it would actually use the shortcode in this post, you don’t want the space)

in other words, go to youtube and copy the address of the video from the browser and paste it after the colon in the shortcode.

You can set it to autoplay in the plugin settings under settings > easytube.

4. Once you’ve sold the listing, update the contact information for the customer under Contact > edit at the bottom of the dashboard.

5. If you want to speed up your rankings and want to use wpsocialpipes, here is the url on the warrior forum


Here is the tutorial you’ll need to set this up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFwawuhl6mQ

Here is the guy I used on fiverr to setup my accounts (amazing job he did I must say)


Don’t bother with the best spinner and all that nonsense, just get one account of each and call it good.

6. I’ve also included RSS Link Bomber plugin which you can purchase the license for here. This plugin automatically sends your posts and pages out to multiple RSS feeds automatically when you press publish.

Note: most of the time you won’t need these as you can usually rank really high for most keywords pretty easily just with good on page SEO and proper linking. However sometimes you’ll need that extra oomph or you don’t want to wait around, these work great for that.

7. If you don’t know how to set the front page it’s very simple see below. It’s under settings > reading


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